The units available in the extras raffle are A/A- or B+ stock.

Our standard of quality is very high, and the units classified as A- have flaws that are very difficult to spot. B+ units also have very minor flaws. Units with significant flaws that are visible when the keyboard is in use have been made unavailable from sale.  What you can expect will vary for the different stocks:

A stock

No visible external flaws, except for some tiny imperfections (< 1mm) in the Void PVD weights which are unavoidable, and not visible at arms length without studio lighting.

A- stock

Some tiny imperfections on the outside weight. Small scratches and blemishes in the PVD coating. Visible under hard lighting. Some minor flaws on the inside, not visible when built.

B+ stock

Larger (<2mm) imperfections on the outside weight and/or bottom case (not visible from the top). Some uneven finishes on the inside of the weight and case (not visible when in use). 


A/A- stock units will be sold for the same price of $500 as in the original raffle, except for the green “Friends and Family” units, which will be $600.

B+ units will be $485, but you can choose to opt out of the B stock raffle. Winners of A stock units will be drawn first, and then those who wish and weren't drawn will have an extra chance at winning a B stock unit.