It’s important that you as a buyer can be confident that you receive what you ordered. In order to set the right expectations, this document is written to explain what we deem acceptable.

While we strive to deliver products that hold the highest quality, there are some issues that are inherent to the manufacturing process, and are hard to avoid. Generally speaking, Antipode Studio produces relatively few units, even compared to other vendors in the custom mechanical keyboard space. Compared to regular consumer products, our volumes are exceedingly low. At this scale, it is nearly impossible to avoid some variance between units.

All products sold and not clearly labeled as B-stock, should adhere to the following standards:

  • No scratches, dings or nicks on the exterior faces of the product
  • There might be some small, but noticeable anodizing hook marks on the interior faces. This is a result of how the anodizing process is done.
  • Internal faces might show some tool marks and imperfections in the anodizing or other surface treatment.
  • PVD is especially prone to variance. Any item with a PVD finish is expected to have some degree of imperfection. While large, noticeable marks on the exterior faces of a part will be classified as B-stock, imperfections on the inside faces, or very minor marks on exterior sides can still appear on A-stock units.

Our promise to you is that each and every part is inspected by a member of our team. We take quality control very seriously and carefully inspect each part before assembly in-house at our facilities. If you have any concerns about a product you’ve received from us, please feel free to get in touch with us at, and we’ll do our best to make it right.