Step by step instructions

  1. Attach daughter board to case with 4xM2 screws.
  2. Pre-install screws for the weight, 4 x M3 screws.
  3. Thread the jst-connector cable through the hole in the case, to reach the daughter board.
  4. Attach top case, and turn it over.
  5. Make sure the jst cable is neatly packed, to avoid it being stuck under the weight. Tips: Apply a piece of tape to fold the cables together.
  6. Connect the jst-connector cable to the daughterboard.
  7. Tighten 8 x M3 case screws.
    Note: Be careful with tightening too hard. Use a manual screwdriver for final tightening.
  8. Tighten the weight screws through the plate*, with a long thin screwdriver. Note: Be extra careful not to scratch the inside edge of the polycarbonate top.
    Note: T
    he screws might not slide down to be flush, so the case needs to be carefully placed on top of the weight, and aligned with the screw holes. See Alexotos' assembly of this part.